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Parts, Kits, and Misc.

Here you'll find parts and misc. items I've created for use in Trainz.  I'll be adding more items shortly.  Stay tuned for details...

Coal to oil tender conversion kit for Trainz
Kit for use in Trainz to convert Ben Neal's USRA tender from coal to oil

USRA Tenders: Coal to Oil Conversion Kit

This kit will give Ben Neal's small and large USRA (coal) tenders the appearance of being oil tenders.
The main element of the "kit" is a oil-bunker mesh that's loaded atop the coal bunker, which hides evidence that the tender is a coal tender, making it more closely resemble an oil tender. The real railroads did basically the exact same thing when they converted coal tenders to oil. You don't need to use Gmax to use this version of the kit -- the Trainz compatible meshes are included in the kit.

Instructions for using the kit are available on the available on the Coal-to-Oil Kit Instructions page. 

Gmax Source Files
Source files of the meshes are available on the Gmax files page.

Port Necessity

Port Necessity, an automated coal port whimsically fashioned from various doohickeys & whatnots found on the Trainz Download Station. No, it's not prototypical! :)

Port Necessity (TS12) Port_Necessity.cdp